Jake Ryan


John K. Ryan (“Jake”) is the founder and CIO of TRADECRAFT Capital.

Jake brings over 20 years of professional experience in software technology and investing in traditional markets to world of crypto asset investing, which is the harmonic blend of technology and finance. 

As distributed ledgers are ultimately technologies, his understanding how each blockchain works as well as fundamentals of the underlying technologies enhance his investment edge.

A noted author, Jake’s recent work Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy was published by John Wiley & Sons.

He writes long-form content where he breaks down ideas in crypto and investing and has contributed to RealClearMarkets, Hacker Noon, The Ascent and The Mission, and is a top writer on bitcoin, investing, economics and cryptocurrency on Medium.com.

He has been a frequent panelist at many conferences including the Los Angeles Blockchain Summit (LABS), the Harvard Business School SC Association event on cryptocurrency, CryptoBlockCon conference, Crypto Investment Summit (CIS) and was keynote speaker and content chair of the Autonomy 2040 summit.

As well, he has been on several podcasts including the Pomp Podcast, Delphi Digital, Investor Connect, the Crypto Street Podcast, Crypto 101 and Expert Dojo where he discusses all aspects of investing in crypto assets.

Prior to the formation of TRADECRAFT Capital and the sponsorship of the Fund, Jake was the founder and CEO of a software services firm that he grew to over $30m in total revenue.

His current positions also include venture advisor at Mucker Labs, strategic advisor at Diversis Capital, a private equity firm, as well as an advisor to several venture-backed start-ups.

Jake holds a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on AI from the University of Texas, Austin.

James M. Diorio, Jr.


James is a principal and Chief Executive Officer of TRADECRAFT Capital.

He is an executive, serial entrepreneur and advisor with depth creating and growing successful businesses throughout his career. 

His foundation as an engineer and broad entrepreneurial background is combined with experience in startups, large corporations, national consultancies and international ventures has yielded depth across all core corporate disciplines including operations, technology, sales, marketing, service, leadership and team building.

These fundamentals, augmented with a passion for training and empowering people to be their best, allows James to approach business from a well-rounded perspective and produce exceptional results.
Prior to joining TRADECRAFT Capital James' most recent exit was a SaaS turnaround in which he assumed the role of CEO and led the company to achieve 7 consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America culminating in strategic acquisition.

Notably, immediately after this exit, he played a strategic role in restructuring a national MSP, positioning it for sale, and leading the efforts which resulted in successful acquisition in 2018.

It was in 2018 that James took a deep dive into the blockchain space, ultimately becoming an investor and advisor to TRADECRAFT Capital before being invited to take the operational reigns. James also advises multiple blockchain startups, is a mentor at Expert Dojo, and was Co-Founder of the Autonomy2040 conference where he was a moderator, contributor, and event facilitator.

A technologist at heart James holds a degree in computer science from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Sofia Koo


Sofia Koo is a financial industry veteran with over 15 years on Wall Street including roles as AVP in the GSO Treasury Group at Blackstone and as a Portfolio Analyst for CLOs for Credit Suisse Alternative Investments. Most recently, she was at the Cash Management team with Apollo ISG with direct responsibility for managing liquidity, cash, derivatives (including swaps), FX spots/forwards, facilitating ongoing reconciliation, and innovating systems and processes to promote more efficient treasury management. 

As a contrast to the world of big banks, Sofia also brings of entrepreneurial experience from the SMB world where she was focusing on optimizing accounting and operations for various startups and medium size businesses.   In 2019 Sofia jumped into the world of Crypto investing where her financial acumen has allowed her to understand the nuances and complexities of crypto investing, accounting and management.  A Korean Bolivian who is fluent in English, Spanish, Korean, and conversational in Portuguese, Sofia graduated from West Texas A&M University with a B.A. in Communications and holds a Certificate in Accounting from Baruch College.


Nels Paine


Mr. Paine founded Paine Pacific in 1998 to apply his personal experience in operations, management, fundraising, and M&A transactions to the underserved emerging growth and middle market companies. 

Mr. Paine has a strong family background in investment banking and venture capital. Growing up around the venture capital business (his father was one of the first venture capitalists to break ground on Sand Hill Road in Northern California in 1962) laid the groundwork for his interest and subsequent career in small to mid-size businesses. He has proven success in building, managing and achieving product, marketing and financial goals of small businesses, start ups, and turnarounds with twelve years experience in the technology and high technology industries for medical and computer products. Paine Pacific has engaged more than 325 clients in over 75 industries since its founding in 1998. He graduated from SMU in 1988 and is an avid outdoorsman and cyclist living in Portland, Oregon with his wife and six children. 

Robert Cone


Mr. Cone brings to Tradecraft Capital a 30-year career in the international capital markets as a trader, salesperson, and manager of risk products and people. His trading experience includes US Treasuries, FX, Interest Rate Derivatives, and Money Markets. He has managed trading rooms for some of the biggest international banks in the world. He's worked directly with regulators (OCC, NY State Banking, Federal Reserve, FINRA, SEC). In addition, he has managed consulting projects in broker dealer startups, regulatory risk reviews, anti-money laundering investigations and remediation, and anti-corruption compliance.  He graduated from SMU in 1980 and lives with his wife in Palm Desert, CA.