Tradecraft Autonomy Fund

Our Fund invests in the full spectrum of crypto assets ranging from the well-known bitcoin, to assets that focus on autonomous platforms and protocols as well as assets working inside decentralized finance (DeFi).  All assets are analyzed using our proprietary systems and, importantly, align with our Age of Autonomy™ thesis.  The Fund anchors in liquid crypto assets, while allocating a portion to direct, pre-market investment.


We are in a new financial cycle, the Age of Autonomy 

12 hours

As of 2020, the rate knowledge doubles

10 years

Into a 50-year long wave economic cycle – opportunity abounds

The Tradecraft Fundamental Analysis 

Proprietary dashboard that informs trading decisions


Independent metrics

1 minute

Up to the-minute informed decision-making

Investment Themes

Built around the Age of Autonomy™


The average number of assets in our portfolio


Core themes to guide investments